Souhaieb Marzouk


I’ll be working through any doubt or block you might experience, such as:


"Is my hair OK?" 

"Where should I put my hands?" 

"Should I be smiling or be serious?"

"Is what I’m wearing OK?" 

"I'm not photogenic."


I take the time to create a safe space for my clients to open up.


I invite you to see the photo shoot as an opportunity
to show the world - and yourself - THE REAL YOU.

I promise it's going to be a truly unique experience.

My Story

My name is Souhaieb Marzouk. I was born on January 26th, 1989, in Tunis.

I'm currently living in Amstelveen, Netherlands, and I work as a Quality Assurance Engineer.

Here is where my passion for ART started before landing in the Photography World.



My passion for ART started when I was a kid. My father developed the artistic side of my personality. He taught me how to draw some random pictures. It started to be just a hobby and finished to become my little world, where I was hiding from the problems I faced in the real world.

Even during the exams, I was drawing instead of studying to get off the stress and the pressure.

This is what I drew at that time:

In 2009, I participated, for the first time, in an art exhibition for art lovers that took place in my university in Tunisia. It was my nice first opportunity when I exposed my drawings to the students, professors and also to some known artists. It was full of great emotions.

It was a wonderful day for me, I was surrounded by people who appreciated ARTs, by people who supported me and honestly, it was a great experience for me.

My Story



When I was 11, I was a big fan of Rap Music, especially Tunisian and Algerian Rappers.

At that time, Rap Music in Tunisia was forbidden, because of the dictatorship system we had, which didn't accept criticism.

In 2011, we had the Tunisian Revolution against the dictatorship (the Arab spring revolution), and during that year, Rap Music became very popular because it was the unique way to express our messages, to take down the system, and to make people hear our voices.

In that year, I get to know a lot of Tunisian and Algerian rappers, and they gave me the courage and the desire to start singing: but I was a little bit hesitant about facing this experience (I used to hear rap music, but not to sing it).

Until that day, when my friends pushed me to write a song and record it.

It was a big responsibility for me, and many questions wandered in my mind:

"What if I write something stupid ?

What if people don't like it ?

What if my voice is not good ?

But I have to try at least once, and if it will be OK, I will continue, otherwise, I should stop."

To be honest I was afraid, afraid of how the song will be.

I spent two days recording my first song, it was hard.

But when I heard it at the end, I was really happy, I didn't expect anything like that.

Honestly, without the support of my friend "The Poke" and my family, I didn't at all have in mind to be a rapper. I was very lucky surrounded by people who believed in me.


During that period, when I posted my song on Facebook for the first time, I got 10k followers on my page within a week.
It was like a dream, I wasn't waiting for that, after a certain moment, I realized that nothing is impossible, we can do whatever we want, just we have to believe in our selves.

I choose the nickname "Casanova" at the beginning because it was the nickname chosen by my classmates. After certain moments, especially when my friends start calling me just "Casa", I changed it to "C.A.S.A", so it will be different than the Spanish word "Casa" and it will be something related to me.

But I was thinking that being a Rapper, is always a temporary thing.
I'm recording the songs just to enjoy my time and not to be famous.

At the end of 2014, I made my last song, I decided to stop, because it was hard for me to handle music, study and work at the same time.

So... I choose my future, my study, and my work.

Here.. the first song that I made.

My Story



I stumbled into photography when I started discovering nature, and I was enamored by the beauty that the world can offer since 2013 when I started going out hiking.

I captured everything, like portrait, macro photos, landscape, architecture.. etc.

I wanted to capture everything looking nice and attractive, and I want to try everything and, at the same time to upgrade my skills.

After each hiking I was doing it with my friends, I went back home and edited the pictures, in a way that I want to get a good result and let my friends appreciate my work.

It was a kind of challenge for me.

In photography also, I get the support of my family and my friends.

I always wanted to participate in family and friends events, like weddings or birthdays, to take more pictures and show people I like what I'm doing.

It's a kind of pleasure for me. I feel comfortable when I try to get some nice pictures.

But sometimes I wouldn't say I like it when people force me to take some pictures that can bother me.

"Choose your words before saying anything stupid can destroy people's feelings."

Lucky me, starting from 2016, the company I worked with gave me the opportunities to travel to many countries for work purposes. Still, I went for these opportunities to visit many places during my free time. I had the chance to :

  • Travel to several countries as Paris (France), Berlin (Germany), Helsinki (Finland), Manchester (England), Lisbon & Porto (Portugal), Tanger (Morocco).

  • Discover new places

  • Know new people.

I started with an amateur camera, it was a Nikon P520, but I learned many techniques with it.

After that, I was looking for a new one to upgrade the quality of the pictures.

So I bought my semi-professional one, it was a Nikon D5500.

And now, I have a professional camera: Nikon D750.

But one should know that holding a professional camera is not the source of your nice pictures. A professional camera is used to get a better quality and to help you to upgrade your capacities.

Otherwise, even with a nice phone, you can take great pictures.

With photography, I learned how to deal with people with different personalities, make them comfortable, manage my time, and enjoy this life.

Each picture has its own story, so dealing with pictures is dealing with my life.

And at the end, in the future, I will make several stories that can be a source of inspiration.

By the time I started thinking of upgrading more my hobby, and I choose to let people express their feelings with pictures, make them have their own stories.

This is why I created this opportunity not only for me but also for all people to discover their selves, to enjoy life, and to have good memories, and to let them take advantage of my passion for

I started doing portrait pictures with my family and my friends.

I was happy with them when they like their portrait.

When I moved to live in Portugal, I lived in a small city called "Fundao," it was far from the big cities, so in the beginning, it was hard to look for some volunteers and have some sessions with them. I was trying several times until I met some nice people who helped me and supported me.

Now I'm living in the Netherlands, and honestly, I choose to invest in photography.

So I bought a new professional Portrait Lens "Sigma 85 mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art".

I build my environment to do professional work.


NOW I start living my photography dream.

I'm still learning from photography, from my experience, and this life...

NOW I have to start dreaming about something bigger, more challenging, and more fun.

I thank a lot, my small family, all of them, and especially my mom and my dad, who always were there to support me in everything I want to do or tried to do. I really LOVE both of YOU for believing in me.

This is my artistic story...

Thank you very much for reading it...

You can find here my trip to Berlin.

What Clients Are Saying

“I have to thank you for the opportunity to work with you! I'm a timid person, and you made things easier because you are so friendly and kind. You also give good tips on how to do a better photography. So I wish you the best of luck with your career and your future, you deserve it.”